We call it a conversation

It started out innocently enough.  I opined a couple of days ago that a cost/benefit analysis should be conducted in advance of the City placing a $20M Coliseum Complex bond before the voters.  The comments to that post haven’t abated yet.

Jim Capo, Libertarian candidate for the District 7 County Commissioner’s seat, raised objections to ANY public funding of the Greensboro Coliseum and is advocating for it to be taken over by the private sector.  Cone and many others have wieghed in on the issue.  Capo is now being pressed to state his official position on public funding of recreational venues in general.

Greensboro Booster: “I have to ask, how far do your principles extend? Is it an official position of your campaign now that there should be no public funding of parks?”

And in the comments section to another Commissioner related post, Booster asks Jim to lay it all out:

Give us a list (5 or 10 will do) of concrete proposals for what you, as a libterarian, would do in county government. The more specific, the better. Lay it out for us, Jim. Give us a reason to take your candidacy seriously. Give us a heads up here, then post it on your blog.” (For the record: Capo has outlined some of his positions at his website)

Attention candidates and elected officials: 

This is what we, here in the blogoshere, call a conversation.  Pay attention.  Join in.  Start a blog.  Although voters may or may not agree with whatever Jim Capo’s position on this issue may reveal itself to be – he has the where-with-all to engage in open and important dialogue in a very public forum

I’ll bet, after reading Capo’s comments and responses, you know more about where he stands than all of the press blurbs and sound bites that have been uttered or written about all of the other candidates combined so far in your campaigns.

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