After I got slammed last week for some comments I made both here and on the ABC of Guilford County discussion forum, Michael Murphree, the group’s Director, sent me an email for the record.  It states, in part…

“I have followed your site and the dialogue on the Yahoo forum for the last few days with some interest. In spite of a few “tactical” differences, I believe that we (ABC) might be closer than either of us thinks to agreement on most issues.

Please keep in mind that the Yahoo forum is something that was set up in the early beginnings of ABC. It is not an official site, is not maintained by ABC, and is an open forum. As such, much of the dialogue that you read or engage in is clearly not representative of ABC’s position as an organization. There are a lot of very passionate people out there, many of whom are members of ABC, many of whom are not.

I would hope, however, that you would not draw your conclusions about ABC based on conversations you have with a small, vocal subset of folks who might or might not be associated with ABC….”
  Read the whole thing

I wrote Murphree back that I took none of the flaming personally and certainly don’t ascribe the tone of the folks who stridently took issue with what I had to say to the official ABC entity.

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