Commenters as bloggers

With blogs, folks who leave comments to posts are de-facto bloggers, too.  Sometimes, however, important and well thought-out comments to posts don’t get the attention they deserve because they are not here on the “front page”.

Such is the case with a comment entered yesterday to a post I made on the dearth of leadership here in Greensboro.  The comment was posted by community leader Fabius Maximus.  Obviously Fabius is not his real name but most of you would know him if I broke his anonymity – which I will not do.

Here is his take on Greensboro’s leadership, or lack thereof

” Here’s my searing — searing! — analysis of why there’s a leadership void in our city.

Greensboro is about evenly divided between red-state and blue-state people. The blue staters are hanging out at the Green Bean or the Cafe Europa on weekends, and think that spending money on amenities like the Coliseum is a good thing, ’cause they like the bands and cultural events.

They are generally pro-historic districts, pro-scenic corridor, pro-DGI, and mostly think it’s appropriate for local government to spend money and regulate quality-of-life issues like these for the sake of making Greensboro hipper and more cosmopolitan.

The blue-staters care more about taxes and are deeply suscpicious or openly hostile to the stuff mentioned above. They’re rugged individualists and are strongly committed to maximum property rights. Many of them are small business owners who see local government as mostly onerous. They think that if the Coliseum, DGI, etc. can’t make it on their own, then they should fail like any other business.

The third factor is race. G’boro’s black community doesn’t really trust either side, and unfortunately its leaders are relatively ineffective: some have been tainted by corruption, some are still trying to fight long-past battles, and some are just tired. The Simkins PAC has devolved to selling the black vote to whoever offers it the best deal.

Of course, a lot of people straddle these lines. But in general, G’boro is a microcosm of the good ol’ USA. It will take an extraordinary leader to take it in a particular direction.”

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