Curious method of cost cutting.

From everything I have heard and read so far, Guilford County Schools busing woes were caused by Murphy’s Law*  “If it can go wrong… it will.”  And it did, and it continues to do so.

I will bet you the cost of a school bus that no one loses their job over the whole fiasco despite the fact that the school board insists that running our schools is just like running a business.

If a business had lost as many customers in a two week period as GCS’s transportation department has lost loyal bus riders since the start of school, that business would have seen to it that a employee or managerial head or two would roll out the front door.

When the dust settles on this thing (N&R), we may find that it was all really just part of the plan to reduce transportation costs for our school system.  With reduced ridership comes lower costs.


*Editing note – I get my laws and principles confused and originally attributed Murphy’s Law to the Peter Principal, that’s why I have a big brother in Louisville to keep me straight – see comment below.

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