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Great coverage of yesterday’s Blogger Conference by Matt Williams in this morning’s N&R.  To add momentum to the paper’s now-admitted and now-demonstrated turn to weblogs, Editor-in Chief John Robinson devotes his Sunday column to how the organization envisions using blogs to become more responsive to its readership.

Perhaps figuring that they had expended enough ink on me last Sunday, Robinson thanks Ed Cone for “pulling it together” as a great public service.  I echo that sentiment.  (Cone has more)

In addition to the three blogs (actually four) that the N&R has already launched (Lex Files, Sports Blog, Editor’s Log) Robinson says they are not through yet: “Additional blogs will come…”

I spoke with reporter Williams yesterday about the focus of the N&R’s next blog that Robinson mentions in his column.  Authored by on-the-street reporters Mark Binker, Sue Shultz and Matt himself, he gave an example of the type of content they might include in their in-house blogs.

A couple of days ago, I blog-wondered why Wendover Avenue has been made into a gauntlet and then left in that state for nearly a month now.  Matt told me he read my post and had the answer in the form of an internal memo generated by Greensboro’s Department of Transportation.  He had been in possession of the memo for awhile.

He said when the new blog is up and running next month, it will be a simple thing to post such memos, thereby explaining the situation.  A great service, indeed.  But…

The fact that Matt didn’t respond to my post with the information he had in his possession might tell us something about how the N&R blogs will be allowed to interact with independent blogs like this one.  My guess is that a lot of the linking that freely occurs between independents will be severely curtailed by N&R policy.  That’s not a complaint, mind you… just an observation.

In a comment to Robinson’s first post at his new blog, I told John that I had already added a link to his blog on my blogroll and was hoping for reciprocation.  He responded, “Thanks, David… the blog links are coming.”

To what extent the N&R’s blogs will relate and link to the independent blogs will be an interesting, and probably evolving, sidebar to their leadership role they have committed to, as evidenced by their pioneering launch into the blogoshere.

I’m loving this.

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