I hit a nerve

Update 9/3/04: ABC of Guilford County Director Michael Murphree responds to his organizations role in opposing the Federal Grant: 

“…We were clear from day one that we were opposed to the use of Federal tax dollars to fund a program such as the High Point Choice Plan. It was fraught with errors in planning and execution, with or without the grant (witness the recent bus fiasco). We were also clear that we would lobby against the funding of the grant…. “  Read the whole thing.


ABC of Guilford County spokesman Tim Mann emailed and asked me to offer you his response to my “Vinegar” post.  Happy to oblige.  I am also posting my full reply back to Tim here.

Even though I never stated that ABC had a direct hand in why GCS didn’t get the $12M grant, I wrote to Tim that it was my understanding that the denial of the grant was exactly what the group was working for behind the scenes. 

If my take is correct, I don’t understand why they don’t praise GCS hires who bungled the application and dance in the streets.  If my take is erroneous, then ABC has some serious PR work to do in order to correct mis-information about their position on the grant and other things as well.

I think more people than just this writer are confused about what ABC is doing.  I suggested to Tim that the group needs to explain their intentions and actions very clearly.  If even I am confused, as involved as I am, I shudder to think what other misperceptions might be floating about.

Every time I make some statement about ABC that is less than a positive one, I get electronically jumped on by people that may or may not be official ABCer’s.  But they all say I shouldn’t form an opinion until I have attended a meeting.  Great goal… but impossible for everyone they are trying to reach or set straight.

How’s about a weblog ABC?  I’ll help.


Also, I am still looking forward to a reponse from Ian about how how I was “had”.  Ian stated that he, and perhaps others, were ferreting bogus emails tp public officials that might put ABC in a bad light, There’s a handful of people opposed to ABC who like to send these emails, make offensive phone calls to elected officials, etc. and claim to be part of ABC. “  He goes on to say, “We’ve tracked down some of the individuals involved.”

After I asuured him that I had not been “had”.  I asked some questions that have yet to be answered in the comments section below the “Vinegar” post.  I want to know who “we” are and how they obtain the emails they check out.

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