Mike Barber’s brand new campaign website

The folks who attended the Blogger Conference on Saturday got a sneak preview of County Commissioner Mike Barber’s campaign website.  Both the candidate and the site’s developer, Roch Smith, Jr., were in attendance, so it seemed an appropriate time to unveil it.

During some conversations I had with Mike after the conference it became evident that he “gets” blogging…. both as a campaign and a governance tool.  We talked about the clarity that a blog can bring to bear on issues simply because the blog medium forces a candidate or office holder to put his/her thoughts on “paper” for all to see and to be held accountable for.   A blog is a huge step for a traditional politician, but one that each will have to take in the near future in my, and others’, opinions.

Mike’s site does not include a blog.  During our initial conversation when he solicited my support and input he was concerned about how much time a blog can consume.  My answer was “a lot, to do it right“.  Having precious little of that time thing, Mike didn’t want to offer voters a half-assed blog, so he settled on a site-dedicated “discussion forum“. 

Even though it’s not a blog, how the forum serves Barber’s campaign will still depend on the written word entered by the candidate himself.  If he uses it to state a position, then solicit input and discussion – it will be very effective.  Then, when something interesting happens at the forum, I’m sure the local blogs and the media will pick up on it and drive some readership and even more discussion.  However, if the discussion is bland and boring and non-controversial or un-informative, the format will fail as a tool for winning votes and influencing people.

Ok, let’s see how it goes….  I just posted this question to Mike over at his forumAs it stands right now, do you plan to vote for or against the scenic corridor designation including a billboard ban on the Urban Loop?”

Let the forum begin.


As an aside:  Not to be outdone by his Republican opponent Mike Winstead Jr, Barber went and had his obligatory picture taken with GOP operative and Guilford County Sheriff B.J. Barnes just like Winstead did.  What a hoot.

If I decide to run for City Council again in ’05 I have decided on my my first campaign pledge:  “I promise to never have my picture intentionally taken with the good and popular B.J. Barnes“.  Not that I don’t like the man mind you, it’s just that, well… I don’t know…. just because.

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    I’ve been reading your blog now for quite a long time and really love it. I don’t know if it’s your style or not , but do you think you could perhaps do a post on the oil spill in the gulf?

    I love your thoughts and opinions, and would love to see your commentary on this sad event.