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School Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier’s position before coming to Guilford County was as Williamson County, TN’s first appointed superintendent.  The Williamson County Review Appeal has been following their county’s old hire and today filed a story about Grier and what’s going on between him and his arch-nemisis – ABC of Guilford County. Read the whole thing. (Link via ABC’s Yahoo forum)

The story gives us some echoes of what occured in Williamson Co and and how it relates to what is going on locally with Dr. Grier’s detractors….

 … Charlene Kimmel, (with) a watchdog group formed when Grier eliminated pre-first and began the prekindergarten program here, isn’t surprised…   “Everything Dr. Grier did and stood for wasn’t wrong (in Williamson County),” she said. “But there are ways that he either carries himself or deals with people that arouses concern. I’m sorry he finds himself in this situation. He is an enigma.”

The article also provides some of Guilford County’s educational strides and other accomplishments that have occured during Grier’s tenure…

“Since taking the position … Grier increased student achievement and decreased the dropout rate districtwide by creating award-winning alternative learning environments and was named Superintendent of the Year of the Piedmont Triad Consortium of North Carolina….

… This year — in a system with a 54 percent minority population — of the 107 schools, four elementary schools were targeted and one middle school was labeled low-performing under No Child Left Behind.

The article mentions a couple of times how that Guilford’s ABC parent activist group has been in contact with a similar activist group in Williamson County for quite a while.  According to the article, ”She’s (Kimmel) been in contact with members of the Guilford County bunch for two years.”

My understanding is that ABC of Guilford County was formed in January of this year.  Tim Mann?… comment?

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