Update:  Due to several requests, here is Keith’s email address: and the Lousiville Hoggard’s physical address: 9515 Palladio Court – Louisville, KY  40299.


As some of you know, my brother Keith’s wife Chris is severely disabled because of brain damage as a result of a car crash five years ago.  She’s been wheelchair bound since the accident, but that doesn’t stop Keith from taking her to events with the family.

Last week Keith, Chris and children Zack and Kellie went to the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville to take in a concert.  Keith’s not one to leave Chris in her wheelchair all the time so he lifted Chris into a real seat then parked her chair in a wheelchair designated area.  He then went back and sat with his family and enjoyed the concert.  When he went back to fetch Chris’ chair – it had vanished.  He wrote a full account of events last Friday, here’s an excerpt…

“…The security people put a call out on their radio for others to look for an empty wheelchair, thinking someone low-life scum may have taken a joy-ride in it and left it in the parking lot.  Apparently not.  The chair was no where to be found.  The First Aide folks brought a wheelchair and golf cart to get Chris back to the car in.  After inquiring as to what I was supposed to do when I got her home they eventually came up with a “loaner” wheelchair which was made to accommodate someone much wider than Chris.  The wheelchair is too wide to go through our bedroom or bathroom doors, which I made the Fair personnel aware of when I first saw it…. I don’t need this crap”

Just as outraged about the situation as Keith, was our media savvy Dad.  When Keith wrote his saga last Friday, Dad fired off an email to all of the news outlets in the Louisville area.  It caught the eye of WHAS-TV, and voila… another Hoggard in the news on Monday (story not posted) – Keith again…

WHAS-11 TV will be running the story about Chris’s wheelchair on the 5:30pm news this afternoon.  Still no word Chris’s wheelchair, though the reporter said the mugs of the people who attempted to steal a scooter chair from the stadium the following night will be on the news tonight!  They were caught before they could get out of the stadium and arrested by State police.”

There are some mean people in this world, but this one takes the cake.  As of today, Chris still doesn’t have her specially made $2,000 wheelchair back.

I’ll keep you posted

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