Ask hard questions, then eat the box lunch.

Over at The Lex Files resides some excellent advice for anyone, including me, who felt it was simply flattery to have been asked to serve on the Boards of non-profit organizations.  What you (we) should be feeling is a very real sense of fiscal responsibility.

“… A tax exemption is a public trust. It’s up to you to see that it gets used accordingly, because if it turns out that your nonprofit’s CEO is taking money or doing something else illegal, and you didn’t know because you weren’t asking the right questions and looking at the right paperwork, your subsequent conversations with government representatives are going to be extremely unpleasant.”

In bringing us his caution, Lex makes some eye-opening comparisons between the rise and fall of two high profile N.C. non-profits who share more than just the fact that they are now kaput: Jim Bakker’s PTL and Rev. Michael King’s Project Homestead.

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