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It’s a rainy day, so what else do I have to do?  Actually… plenty… but here I sit, bloggin’ away.

The problem with sweeping rhetorical questions is that sometimes they have answers that the questioner wasn’t anticipating.  Such is the case in a Letter to the Editor in this morning’s N&R.  Greensboro resident Lisa Cobb asked a whole bunch of questions.  My answers are embedded in blue:

How many trailers does your children’s school have? Two at Jones, none at Aycock or Grimsley.  How long have they been there? Two years. Do your children have to walk to and from trailers regardless of cold, snowy or rainy conditions? Well, yeah – the school system might be accused of excessive spending if they put in movable sidewalks.  Jesse kind of likes it though, there’s a covered walkway, you know.  Josie at Aycock and Jack and Grimsley must walk outside between classes too and there are no trailers, they don’t seem to mind the diversion either. Do you feel your school children are safe in trailers during inclement weather — such as tornado warnings?  No I don’t. Neither do the administrators – they have this new technology called a radio and if bad weather is threatening, they bring the kids inside the brick and mortar part of the school.

How long do your children ride the bus? Twenty five minutes (Jesse again), that includes the time at the Grimsley hub on his way to the finest school in the County.

How many times have your children witnessed or been a part of a school or bus violence?  Never.  My kids have been riding the bus for over 10 years.  Has everyone gotten along perfectly during that time?  No. They’re kids, remember.  But there’s been no “violence” as you suggest, but I’m sure it happens within the system from time to time.

Does your child’s bus have 50-71 kids and only one adult “supervisor” — the driver?  No, my child has about 35 kids on his bus – and the driver keeps excellent order – I know I wouldn’t mess with her.

Does your child only have 20 minutes to eat lunch because of overcrowded conditions?  No, I think they all have about 30 minutes or so – I’ll check.  They have never complained of being rushed to finish, though.  How long do you think they should have?

Do you believe your school board is spending your money wisely?  Most times, yes.  Sometimes, no.

If you believe your school board should be accountable for these issues and more, vote for Bill Davidson, Loretta Jennings and Jim Kirkpatrick on Nov. 2.  Do I really have to?  Are you sure that each of them has the ability to fix everything that you percieve to be wrong with our schools? Or are you just wanting change for changes’ sake.  I kinda like Amos Quick, would it be OK to vote for him (if I could) or has he intimated to you that he actually supports trailers, bus violence, short lunch periods and long bus rides?  Your candidate choices sound awfully lock-step familiar, Lisa.

Cobb’s letter assumes and hopes that a majority of the electorate is as dissatisfied with our school board as she is.  Of course we won’t know this for sure until the election, but my feeling is that she assumes too much.

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