Winstead weighs in

Update:  Mike came back in and made additional comments and answers other commenter’s questions and concerns.

Update II: Brother Keith in KY had a few things to say that were too unwieldy to place in the comments.  A veritable photo album, with comments is here.


County Commissioner candidate Mike Winstead Jr. has joined the conversation in the comments section to my post about his Boone development called Mountaineer Village – (aka locally as The Great Walls of Boone).  Says Mike:

“…I think anyone sincerely interested in the project should visit the site. The picture of the beautiful barn included is not or was not on the property. We go to great lengths to preserve such structures, as well as to limit the impact on the surrounding environment of our projects….”  Read the whole thing.

He goes on to cite recognition his company has recieved for preservation .  To be clear, Blue Ridge Blog took the before and after pictures of the barn and stated at the time:

“… (The barn was) the newest victim of the Brookshire Rd. widening. The road is going to be blacktop soon and thousands of ASU students will make their way up the drive destined to live in the newest Megabuilders, Inc. (out of Greensboro, NC) megaplex of student living. I knew the road was going to be paved, I just didn’t expect the barn to be sacrificed or done in such a callous and reckless manner…”

No one has accused Mega of tearing down the barn, that task probably went to the local DOT in order to improve the access road to the Great Walls. 

I do, however, take exception to Mike’s contention that the Boone project - in any way -, ”limit(s) the impact on the surrounding environment“.  To the average set of eyes traveling to Boone, the project is visually abhorrent from US421 – no amount of ‘splainin can change this.  

Correction 9/30: Winstead corrected my earlier assertion that additional phases of the project are planned.  He states in the comments below that Mega Builders is currently working on Mountaineer Village’s final phase.

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