‘Hood Happenin’s

The Aycock Neighborhood is the unofficial host of 98.7 “The Zone”‘s excellent ZoneFest which starts @ 10:00a today over at War Memorial Stadium – I can already hear them starting up. 

We all have tickets, an amazing deal – 10 excellent bands for $9.87 (in advance).  Problem is, once you enter the stadium you can’t leave.  So… last year we walked over and parked our butts in the backyard of Jim & Diana’s house on the hill right across from WMS and took it all in.  We own a rental house right near the stadium and will hang there and near the VFW  until right around the time Edwin McCain hits the stage then use the tickets.

It’s purely the economics of location.  Even though the price of admission is cheap, the Bud is not.  We’ll knock down a few for .50 each while listening to the early bands.  After we enter, the price jumps to probably $4.00 and hot dogs will be exhorbitant.  We’re going to cost average the price of food and drink down to a reasonable level.

Give a call and join us if you’re around.  Next week in the ‘hood…  NCA&T Homecoming parade!!!!  You’ve just GOT to go with us.  Don’t eat for two days in advance.

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