Charlotte vs Greensboro: Is bigger better?  At first blush… no.

Although the going in and going out requires a longer driving time, the pleasure derived from the activity is equal.

Charlotte and Meck County’s elected bodies have some “issues” they are working through that mirror Greensboro/Guilford.  One that I am following (Observer: resgistration required) concerns the stink that close-in Charlotte neighborhood associations are raising with the City.  Seems that the Queen City has not been pusuing its own code enforcement rules as stringently as some would like.  The Neighborhood Associations are banding together to get the City to step up compliance measures. Sounds familiar.

Finally found a laptop I could live with – $1200.  Hopefully I will find time this weekend to configure it the way I want.  I will probably copy my blog software onto it for the short term and convert later.

I received my first BlogAd listing while I was away – click on Ann Coulter’s ad and let her know I appreciate it.

More… much more… later.

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