Checking In

Just a quickie.  I’ve been in Charlotte since Monday fixin’ the winders.  I drove back to GSO last night so I could take care of some business in W.S. and in Fisher Park today.  Also, I had to get my TV time in by occupying seat during today’s 4:00 Parks & Rec Commission meeting.  Right now I am woofing down sandwich in advance of kissing Jinni and the kids and heading back down to the Queen City.

I discovered that Amtrak only charges $14.00 to travel between Greensboro and Charlotte.  I was going to take the train yesterday and back tonight, but I realized that I needed my Scout and accompanying tools.  I thought that such a load would be too much to carry around as checked baggage.  Next time though… I figure I will save a bundle since my vehicle’s manly 304cu V-8 get about three gallons to the mile.

Can’t get Radio to work on my new laptop but haven’t had a lot of time to play with it.  Time might be better spent just changing blog software.  Nothing but dial-up service in the cheap-ass hotels I am utilizing for me and my crew.  WiFi is not even a gleam in the eye of those who manage hotels in my price range.

I was starting to think that the Guilford County Parks & Rec. bonds, that we will be voting on Nov. 3, were going to not be promoted at all.  However, I got notice today that voters might finally start seeing an uptick in the promotion of the referendum.  A Citizen’s Committee, led by former Greensboro Councilman Bob Mays, has developed a website urging folks to vote for the measure.  I hope their efforts are not too little, too late.

I’m timing my drive tonight so I can listen to the presidential debate on the radio.  I think it will be interesting to judge the candidates simply on their words and not their facial expressions and body language.  I wonder if it is possible to win a debate aurally and lose it visually (or vice-versa)?  We’ll see… er.. hear.


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