How’d you know that?….

I’ve been on many news sources’ “A” list as a contact for all things Aycock Neighborhood related for some time.  Whenever a local media outlet wants information about the many initiatives my neighborhood is juggling for implementation my cell phone rings.

I got one of those calls Friday while I was on a ladder in Charlotte.

“David, this is Frank Mickens with WFMY.”, said the the reporter who recently interviewed me about the upcoming County P&R bonds.  “Hey, Frank,” I replied, while my mind changed gears from carpentry to politics and quickly tried to orient itself to what he might be calling about, “whatcha working on?”

Frank asked, “I’m doing some follow up on Aycock’s plans for Summit Avenue.  Are you still in Charlotte?”  “Yeah”, I said… (How’d he know…? Oh yeah, he reads the blog)  “If your’re looking for video, that’s going to make it difficult for you.”

I then gave Frank Aycock’s past-president David Wharton’s name as a much more accessible contact source since he was looking to file his story that day.

The point of this is to say that a lot of people know what is going on in my life because of this medium.  Many times, people will stop me on the street and ask, “How’s the Charlotte job going?” or “Did you’re brother get the wheelchair back?” or “How’s Josie doing in football?”

Everytime this happens, just like it did with Frank on Friday, it takes me by surprise, and I start to say, “How in the world….?”, until I realize, “…oh yeah, its the blog.”  My thoughts, my politics, my family’s goings-on and… my whereabouts, are all in the public domain because of this blog thing.  Sometimes its a little disconcerting, but most times, I am simply gratified that so many people take the time to read what I have to say.


BTW, brother Keith… DID you get Chris’s wheelchair back?  And FYI, Josie is performing very well in her defensive tackle position for Aycock Middle.  Also… sophmore Jackson’s Grimsley JV football team, on which he plays offensive tackle, is undefeated so far this year.  Ten-year-old Jesse is swimming for GYSA and had his first soccer game yesterday… they won.  Anything else you want to know?

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