I just can’t get my blog software to work from the road.  Pissin’ me right off, too.

To a political junkie with an inoperable weblog, the last week has been like having to watch a porno movie with your hands tied behind your back… so I hear.  You can’t reach the remote to turn it off, nor can you take other actions that the situation demands.

I can see no way to cover everything that has happpened both politically and personally within the last week so I won’t even try.  But I will tell you this: The post below regarding SOS has been very popular.  As of this writing it has drawn 56 comments which is a new record for HoggsBlog.

Being one to know which side of the bread to butter, I hope to continue the conversation that is ongoing about the school board races because it is obvious that folks have a lot to say.  Thanks to everyone for keeping the conversation pretty civil.

Charlotte is going amazingly well.  I am in the third week of the big 7 week rehab, finished a separate two-week window rehab in Myers Park (thanks to my W. Carolina crew – Daniel and Saundra for coming down to help), and landed another one in Myers Park today.  This in addition to the two I have going here in GSO, three more scheduled and two still out on bid.  I currently have seven people on the payroll… and I am making paydays ontime and without bouncing checks.  Is this a wonderful country or what?

I was gratified to see that I achieved runner-up status for the Triad’s best blog (behind Cone, of course) in Go Triad.  I know that Jeri Rowe voted for me, I guess he couldn’t get anyone else to agree.

I have 126 emails to answer (not including the Viagra and Valium offers), so hang with me dear readers – I’m back.

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