The Simkins PAC is apparently mis-informed

Because it wasn’t posted online, I found out about the Simkins PAC endorsements (PDF file) by reading Mark Binkers post over at The Inside Scoop Thursday night. 

Only one surprise among the lot and it wasn’t the fact that they broke Democratic ranks and gave the nod to Mike Winstead over Mike Barber and Jim Capo.  Skip Alston felt deeply wronged by a couple of Barber’s votes, so there was no way the PAC was going to endorse him.  In that race, because of the fact that District 7 is very nearly lilly white (90.5%), the PAC’s influence there is almost nil anyway.

  • As an aside, there is some rich Republican irony in the PAC’s endorsement of Winstead over Barber.  The Republican’s most familiar campaign fear statement is the fact that if the Democrats win, Skip Alston will again become Chairman of the Board (I think Skip did a pretty good job at it BTW).  By grudge-endorsing Winstead, the PAC is apparentlly OK with the fact that they might be party to shifting the balance of power away from the Democrats.  Very interesing in my book.

The surprise was the fact that they have come out against the County P&R Bond issue.  Committee Chair Steve Bowden was reported to have said that “PAC members weren’t convinced that the money would be equally distributed throughout the county to include… East Greensboro.”  The fact of the matter is that the ONLY pre-determined project for any of the bond money lies squarely within East Greensboro:  A community track and field facility for Aycock Middle School.

During the County Commissioner’s hearing on the question of whether or not the Parks Bond should be put on the ballot I spoke in support of the measure’s $3M set-aside for development of 10 “School Parks” throughout the county.  I specifically made the Commissioners aware of exactly what $300,000 could accomplish for East Greensboro and how that money could be leveraged to obtain an additional $50,000 grant from Nike to expand the scope of the project.  In addition, I have called my Commissioner Alston and made him personally aware of how some of the bond money would specifically benefit out District.

So even though the article says PAC Chair Steve Bowden claims that information regarding park projects for East Greensboro was not available at the time the PAC made its endorsements, in actuallity the ONLY information for such projects involved East Greensboro and at least one leader of the PAC knew it.

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