I give up

Update 3:00p – I am finally catching up on my NR reading from the past week.  An unposted article from Thursday’s paper covered the school board forum that was held at Irving Park Elementary during whcih incumbent Kris Cooke and challenger Bill Davidson apparently had time to really duke it out.

The article quoted part of Davidson’s response to how school violence can be best be curbed.  While I agree with his view that “teachers need greater authority to deal with troublemakers”, I disagree with his apparent philosophy on how he believes a student and a teacher should relate to each other when he says, “Kids are basically not scared of teachers.”

We should strive for all students to respect teachers, not be scared of them.  Fear is a negative trait that only breeds contempt - respect is positive trait that is beneficial to all involved and should be the goal.  I want to be sure my school board representatives understand the difference.


“Files? We don’t need no stinking files.”

In his usual “cut to the chase” manner, Mr. Sun has convinced me to give up my quest to get District 7 school board candidate Bill Davidson to follow through on his pledge to make his personnel files “wide open” for public inspection.

In the 60th, and perhaps last, comment to my very popular SOS post, Mr. Sun asks readers to simply look at the information available in order to judge a candidate’s qualifications.  Good advice.

“Read these posts from start to finish. Ask yourself, “what has Davidson’s impact been on the communities in which he participates?” I see an unbroken trail of conflict, ideology over practicality, self-absorption and defensiveness. Read his own posts and see those same qualities between every line.”

Even though I am convinced there is pertinent information in the files, Sun suggests: ”Let the files stay private and we can judge by the milestone declarations that the employer is willing to make and the personal accounts of peers, superiors and direct reports.”

We already have a declaration from a former employer when Dr. Collette Love stated that she would not hire the candidate as a teacher.  Also, in the comments to the SOS post, a “recent Page parent” provides an account of his experiences with Davidson as a his chidlren’s teacher that mirrors many back channel accounts I have recieved but don’t have permission to post.   Although I wish the commenter had not posted anonymously, the account sounds genuine.

I agree with Sun that a candidate should be judged by statements made on the record.  Also, I agree with Friday’s News & Record assessment of school board candidates when they state that Davidson, “provides little in the way of a positive agenda”.

Now, let’s move on.

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