Odds and ends

I drove straight in from Charlotte last night and arrived at Jameson Stadium just in time for Grimsley’s homecoming kick-off against North Forsysth.  Great game – we won… again.  Grimsley’s second year coach Shuping has really turned that team around.  My son Jack’s JV team has only lost one game all season so next year will be even better for the Whirlies.


I run into The Triad Business Journnal’s Justin Catanoso at every Grimsley home game because his daughter is in the marching band.  I asked him about Dell coming to the Triad, “I’ve been in Charlotte…” (he broke in and said, “I know” – oh yeah… the blog)… “but I’ve been trying to keep up and it sounds like Dell is really coming.”  “Yeah”, said Justin, “something like a $190M investment… but we don’t know if it will be Greensboro or not.”  “Who cares”, I answered, “just as long as they come to the Triad.”  He agreed.

Because of all of the “spin off” business that Dell will attract to supply their operation, it will make little real difference which Triad city gets the nod.  All ships rise with the tide, and this is going to be a friggin’ storm surge.


I drove up to our house at 10:30p last night and to my horror…. no pumpkins…. no cobwebs… no blacklight or strobelights… no nuthin’.  Jinni and the kids have been running like crazy this week so my front porch is barren of even a hint of the the upcoming Halloween.   That WILL change today.

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