District 7 School Board race update

Update: Mr. Scheer, in a comment below, tells us that I mis-spelled his name – among other things.

Update II: From a follow-up email from Kris Cooke this morning regarding SOS ads:

Today, Monday, there is a full page ad by SOS against Dot and me and for Loretta Jennings and all others running against the current board.  Bill’s name is not on the ad and I appreciate his doing that – he did follow through with his promise even though he did not do it for the final edition of The Rhino.  Just wanted you to know.”

Update III: Page parent Toni Jones exits the closet.

“…What a big joke on the ABC/SOS group parents who really support their children, Davidson did not support the kids or parents. … He would not listen to concerns, it was his way or no way. He didn’t support the kids only tried to tear them down, which lead parents to home school, seek outside help, and or be frustrated until their child could get out of his class….”  Read the whole thing.


Among the 162 emails I have been filtering through since I got home was one from a guy named Dennis Scheer.

Mr. Scheer wanted to come out of the closet and take responsibility for a comment he made in a previous post that I initially attributed to “Recent Page Parent” when I decided to take Mr. Sun’s advice last weekend and drop my call for School Board candidate Bill Davidson to make his files “wide open” to the press.  Sez Sheer:


OK, I am both the “dennis” and the “recent Page parent”.   I am also one of the four parents of children to whom Davidson referred to as “the square of stupidity”.

Dennis Scheer

Anyone else want to exit the closet?

Also, I received an email from Davidson’s opponent Kris Cooke today.  She wrote that she recently has had conversations with Davidson at some political functions.  She said she reminded her opponent that he stated at the Irving Park School forum that he didn’t approve of the SOS attack ads that were running in the Rhino and that he pledged to have his name removed from them if he only knew how to accomplish such a task. She says she provided him with a phone number for SOS head Carl Alexander to expedite his pledge.  ”I asked him again today at Bur-Mil why he never did what he said he was going to do?” Cooke wrote.  She said his response was to her question was, “Call off David Hoggard“.

The Rhino ads have now run their course… I, however still have three more days.

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