Halloween here in Aycock is rich in tradition.  Last night was more of the same.

Tom and Renee Franklin’s pre-trick-or-treat party for the kids.  Miki and David Moore’s old P.A. system scaring the crap out of unsuspecting passers-by.  Cobwebs hanging from every porch.  A jaunt to Fisher Park with the kids to get some serious candy.  Scary music coming from every porch who has installed stereo speakers that normally play rock or bluegrass music.  On and on.

This was my first year that all three of my kids were old enough to strike out on their own.  All except for 15 year-old Jackson who spent the night upstairs and only ventured down when some of his friends came calling – and then only to eat chili.

The night always ends with lots of folks in my kitchen and on our porch eating Jinni’s Three Alarm Chili and chugging down a beer or two.  There’s also plenty of Bourbon for the rest of us.  I stoked my old front porch fire pit even though the weather was balmy.  Tradition is not dependent upon the weather.

Also, it is like old-home night.  Old neighbors, who for whatever the reason, have moved to other parts of town come back to take it all in.  Ex-neighborhood children, some of whom now have children of their own, return to Aycock to re-live what they grew up with.

Next year, come on by – we’d love to have you and yours.

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