What is our responsibility?

In a letter to the editor in today’s N&R, recent Grimsley H.S. graduate Jim Reed cuts through the mustard about how to we should regard continuously disruptive students in our schools:

“…School officials, parents and even students have adopted an attitude that GCS owes the young people of our county an education. This sense of entitlement extends beyond the grounds of common decency and respect, which are no longer part of the normal school day…  It’s time to hold people, young and old, accountable for their own actions rather than pursuing ridiculous attempts to blame others.”

Amen, Jim.

Sure, we have the obligation to try and educate every child, but there should be limits to our sense of responsibility to that end.  If your child, because of his behavior, is twarting my child’s efforts at learning – then your child needs to be removed from my child’s classroom and be required to attend school where he can only disrupt his own life and the lives of others who make bad behavioral choices.

To it’s credit, the News & Record is delving into the highly charged issue of school discipline starting next week.  This morning’s edition carried a 1/3 page ad heralding a two part examination of the problem that will be published December 4th and 5th entiltled “Within These Halls – School Discipline in Guilford County.”  This series will be followed up with a community forum December 9th with an excellent group of panelists.

You can submit a question to the panel and find out more information about the forum here.  If you are as concerned about school discipline, or the lack of it, in our public schools as I am - please attend this forum with me.


On second thought… why wait for the 9th? Where do you think our responsibility toward educating disruptive students begins and ends?

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