Developing a story… Greensboro style

A different twist on the media food chain.

Story-to-blog… Blog to newspaper contact…  Newspaper contact back to blog… Blog to personal diary…  Personal diary to newspaper… Newspaper to newspaper’s editor (in a comment to another post)…  Newspaper’s editor to newspaper editor’s blog telling his blog’s readers about an upcoming guest column about the original story-to-blog.

Jinni has been working on her upcoming N&R column about our family’s impending dealings with breast cancer since reporter-turned-friend Maria Johnson first called a couple of weeks ago to explore the idea… it is a good read. 

We requested, and the N&R agreed, that the periodic entries are to be be made available on their website (permanently? Right?).  We want as many folks as possible to be able to access what she has to say over the coming months.  Look for the first installment Monday.

Jinni says thanks for the kind words, John.  She also sends thanks to neighbor Annie for the encouragement and to Maria J. and Sally B. for the gentle editing.

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