Here we go.

I spent part of my Sunday working on the “What’s Up With Jinni” portion of this weblog in advance of her first N&R column that will be published tomorrow.

Maria J
. feels as though, because of the subject matter of the column,
many folks will want to contact Jinni directly, so we wanted to provide
as many conduits for communication as we could muster without having a
bunch of emails show up on her work email.  For simplicity I have added a guestbook
to the ‘Jinni’s cancer’ related blog so friends and strangers can come calling and leave thier
contact info, encouragement, meatloaf recipes… whatever. Of
course comments are enabled as well and I will have her a separate
email address set up by the end of the night.

In addition, Jinni’s chemo starts this week (Thursday) so we have been busy rallying the “I promise to make meatloaf and drive Jack to hockey or Jinni to the Cancer Center or to paint your house”
troops. If you have volunteered, you will be getting an email
from us tonight. Neighbor Rachael Roccamora has bravely and
graciously volunteered to head up scheduling and we greatly appreciate
her and everyone’s efforts. If you don’t get an email, that means
you are off the hook because I didn’t keep copious notes during the
initial flurry of offers via comment and email and phone calls. There are still some house painting slots open however, just let me know when you can start.

I am headed back to Charlotte tomorrow for the final three week push on
the big window job. Barring anymore Queen City opportunities that
might crop up (there have been three so far), I’ll be back in the
day-to-day folds of Greensboro very soon.

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