Jinni’s Journal

Of course I have read it before, but that was with the critical eye of a husband looking for mispellings and dangling participals. But reading it in the newspaper during my early morning solitude that I savor was a bit more, how should we say… emotive.

Read Jinni’s Journal here, or better yet, go out and buy a copy of today’s paper to get the full effect. I think it’s the photo of her sitting on our front porch swing that got me. She is absolutely beautiful – but it’s not her hair. I sure wish they had posted that picture for you to see.

Margaret M-B, I’m going to need some more copies.


Update: You’ve just got to love a weblog and the immediacy they bring to bear – or – I simply blogged earlier than the N&R’s webmaster in charge of posting photos could get to work this morning.  The paper’s website added a link to “What’s Up With Jinni” to the online story and the photo that adorns the print edition front page of today’s Life section.  Would also adding the picture of Jinni with Frank (one of our Rottweillers) be pushing it?  Thought so.  Thanks guys.

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