Bad air

Hieb knows a thing or two about Greensboro’s air quality and he thinks the N&R’s coverage of same is lacking.  Same for a recent ‘letter to the editor.  He has this to say about that….

“I just get concerned when I read alarmist statistics in the newspaper. Perhaps my attitude is a bit callous. But I just have trouble believing we have bad air in North Carolina.”

I said in his comments that I sort-of have-to agree with him because my canary is still livin’ large.

Also, he has the only blog coverage I know of regarding Monday night’s County Commissioner meeting.  As usual, he captures things that others don’t/won’t/can’t report… yet


Sam either doesn’t know how or has chosen not to make his weblog feed available to Greensboro101 but he is available on Cone’s GSO Live.  I imagine Cone chose his listed blogs (based on who he reads locally is my guess), Roch accepts blog feeds by request with some caveats which he explains here.  Both are helpful, but one is like a personal blogroll, the other… a public blogroll with qualifying criteria.  Nuance?

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