Yo… baby

I learned years ago that if you ask for only one thing from Santa, your chances of getting exactly what you want rise exponentially.  Feast your eyes… and get jealous… and get down with me on this one.

More Bigger

That’s right folks, ol’ Hoggard knows what big boy toys are all about.  Just read all about it.  The Power Box has it all.

  • CD Player – oh yeah, specially designed to keep out the dust I generally generate while fixin’ the winders.
  • Radio – So I can keep up with WUNC when I want my customers to think I’m ejicated.  Brad Krantz on other days.
  • MP3 input – of course.
  • 12 Volt adapter for chargin’ up the ol’ cell phone.
  • Twin, as in two, ground fault protected outlets so I can just plug my favorite winder’ fixin’ tools right into it.
  • I’ve been switching over to Bosch cordless tools lately, and I can plug every battery they make right in the back of this little number – no muss, no fuss.
  • Tough? You bet.  Engineered suspension system so I can drop it off the top of a ten foot ladder and the thing won’t skip a beat.
  • Sound good you ask?  Well, let me put it this-a-way, son Jackson commandeered the thing so he can listen to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon in his room as a compliment to the incense he has taken to burning.

I’m just tellin’ you, it’s the ultimate in tool-head accessories.  Jealous aren’t you?  Of course you are.

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