Christmas garbage

From the City of Greensboro’s communications department to my inbox this morning:

“No garbage, recycling, bulk trash, yard waste, and appliance services will occur on Friday, December 31.  Friday collection will take place on Thursday, December 30 and Thursday collection will take place on Wednesday, December 29.

Same as last week, which many households missed, which this week caused several neighbor’s already full cans to now be over-flowing, then augmented with spare trash cans to accomodate the after-Christmas inundation of paper, packaging, beer cans and so forth.  Tonight it will be piled high on the curb and the garbage collector’s job will be harder because we didn’t pay attention last week.

We, in the City of Greensboro, probably have the finest garbage collection department in the nation.  Your realization that you’ve probably never thought about your garbage collection much is definitive proof of my statement.

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