Open source Tom Sawyerism

Zack Rosen (of Civic Space Labs) offers advice for the News & Record’s impending online rethink: “… look to Kos.  He has a real community…” 

In the comments to Jay Rosen’s repost of his nephew’s advice, Dave Winer takes exception to Zack’s suggestion and champions a system that is closer to my take on the subject: “Zack proposes a centralized system, had Jay asked me I would advise as decentralized a system as possible…”

Uncle Jay came back in and asked Winer for his advice for my local newspaper, “…I am, in fact, asking you. What do you think Greensboro should do?”

This seems to be going pretty well so far, don’t you think?  Us Southerners learned how to make the white-washing of a fence sound pretty appealing many years ago.  Pass me a another beer John and Lex, they’ll be through soon enough and the fence will look just fine.

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