I hope she means it

The Shu (of course) redirects our attention to Mayor Pro Tem Yvonne Johnson’s blog where she has entered a post after a long hiatus.  Good.

She explains, in a heavily edited video, how she has traditionally gathered community input and how she envisions her blog will augment her efforts by being a conduit to her constituancy, Yvonne explains…

“…(Getting community input) takes a lot of time, this way (video edit) can do the same thing and get probably four to five times the input, and that I think is being conservative, than I would doing it the old way, which is very valuable to me to hear from people. (video edit) I see the benefit of being able to discuss issues, to get input from the public, to hear from citizens on various issues, and that is one of the main reasons I am connected and will be doing this at least four days a week.”

I truly hope Yvonne carries through on this because over the years she has proven herself to be a very informed and responsive member of our City Council.  A blog will serve her well as an adjunct to her traditional means of discerning the pulse of the community.  I would explain this on her own blog… but…

To be successful at this, she needs realize a weblog is a place for conversation… it is not a lecturn.  In spite of her stated goal of using her blog to hear from citizens and provide a means to discuss the issues of the day with the public, so far she provides no way for this to occur freely.

She provides no email address to contact her, nor any way to comment on what she has to say except for a woefully inadequate “shout box”, whatever that is.  I simply will not “sign up” to have a conversation with my elected officials.  I am not interested in providing contact information to a politician for future use, even one I know as well as Yvonne.

Otherwise, bravo Yvonne, you are correct in what a blog can accomplish, but you must make the barriers to back and forth communication (aka conversation) effortless… no, make that non-existent… just like walking up to you on the street and conversing.  I’ll put you back on my blogroll after a couple of weeks of follow through.

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