Bill Agapion makes me sick to my stomach

Multi-millionaire Bill Agapion lives in Irving Park splendor but from what I’ve discerned, his house was built largely on the backs of Greensboro’s poor.  His slums have been long been recognized by everyone who is paying attention as an oozing pox on Greensboro’s housing stock and I almost puke whenever I hear his name mentioned – by all accounts he is just not a very nice man.

Agapion has been playing cat-and-mouse with the City’s inpections department for decades and it seems he manages to slither out of every governmental effort to get some of his crap fixed up or closed down.  I guess I understand how he has avoided accountability for his cavalier attitudes and slum building in-action for all of these years… slime is very slippery.

But in today’s N&R, columnist Lorraine Ahearn points out that Agapion’s avoidance games, which he has been playing for-frigging-ever, might have hurt a child


If Agapion is found to be responsible for that little girl’s problems, I hope he is prosecuted with a vengeance.  If found guilty of anything that is deservant of any kind of a sentence, I further hope that he finds himself in front of a judge who also requires Pepto-Bismol when he hears Agapion’s name mentioned.

If guilty of wrong-doing, as punishment, Bill Agapion should be forced to live in the squalor that he has been pimping to the poorest among us all these years.  Judges elsewhere (here and here ) have dealt with habitually slimey slumlords in just such a manner and I don’t think Greensboro’s most notorious slumlord deserves anything less.


Update: Billy Jones has some additional information some personal experience with Agapion’s brand of community building.

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