A tsunami every week

This week’s Carolina Peacemaker carries an editorial by James Clingman Jr. that ruined my lunch at Mayberry’s today.  He notes that the recent tsunami’s ghastly death toll is certainly sensational, but the disaster is just a minor event in the overall realities of life and death in Africa….

“Every year ten and a half million African children perish, some through curable and preventable diseases…, and others through combinations of neglect, starvation, poisoning, political mismanagement, local wars and deliberate genocidal policies of criminal, puppet governments. Of course, we are not taking into consideration another twenty million…annual deaths. This means, in human terms, Africa is haemorrhaging (sic) from a disaster much greater in scale than two Asian Earthquake Tsunamis each and every week, year in and year out …”

“…We have gotten so used to following the establishment and have forgotten about our own people, here and abroad. Not to diminish what happened to the people of Asia, but Africa has a Tsunami everyday; where is the U.S. government? Too busy looking for oil in the Motherland perhaps. Where are Black Americans? Too busy waiting for white folks to show us what to do perhaps…”   Read it all.

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