First online, then print

I sense a shift in how the N&R is regarding their online news offering.

On his blog, at 5:15p, editor-in-chief John Robinson commented on his paper’s 4:45p online coverage of the proposed ACC Hall of Champions.  I’m confident that story will be a local lead (update: link) on my doorstep about seven hours from now.  Along with…

This afternoon @ 3:52p, over at the N&R’s Inside Scoop blog, Mark Binker offers a short post about County Commissioner Chairman Bruce Davis’ four-day change of heart over whether or not actions taken by our local Board of Health were above board.  Davis now thinks the Board, of which he is a member, “may not have voted properly” on its secret agreement with outgoing Health Director Krishnaraj. 

Binker adds a ‘film-at-11′ style teaser, ”More to come in in Wednesday’s paper (update:link).

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