It’s the right thing to do.

As the N&R reported and Greensboro101 amplifies today, my County Commissioner Skip Alston is on mission of great importance.

If Commissioner Alston needs a foot soldier to help him put forth a bond offering aimed at providing Guilford County with a long-term crack addiction treatment center, I’ll march along with him in lockstep.

No matter what such a facility might cost in tax dollars, that amount will be inconsequential compared to the true costs of continuing to do nothing but push for additional jail space to house crack addicts.  As the N&R article correctly points out, the cost of inaction is staggering in light of Guilford County’s “20-year crack epidemic that forces taxpayers to spend tens of millions of dollars a year to cover the costs of crack — in the areas of health, child abuse and crime.”

I’m with you Skip.

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