More, bigger, faster, now

On his new blog, N&R editorial page editor Allen Johnson is talking about the ‘old days’, as, like, the day before yesterday…

“In the old days, a reader might fire off an email about an editorial or a column he’s read in this morning’s paper. I’d respond. And that would be that…”

And then he offers what will be, as in, like, the day after tomorrow or so…

“…we’ll invite you to become part of the dialogue and debate the go into the News & Record’s editorial positions.  Now you can weigh in before an editorial is written…  instead of waiting for your reactions after we’ve published that editorial, we’d ask for your input in advance.  In a way, you can become a part of our morning editorial board meetings. At least in a virtual sense.”

I really wish things would move a little faster around here.  This snail’s pace is just boring me to tears.

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