Underground Railroad Is Pro Stadium

My lovely and talented wife Jinni and others attended a meeting of the Greensboro Chapter of the NAACP last night to hear a presentation on the baseball debate.  Since baseball is decidedly not a Black concern (3% of the fan base) I was wondering why the NAACP would take up meeting time to air the issue.  Jinni and others in attendence said that after the presentations, Simkins PAC leaders Joe Williams and Steve Bowden were urging the rank-and-file NAACP membership to vote against the referendum.

Although I wasn’t there, my understanding is that the gist of their urging was because of the jobs it would create for the Black community.  Williams told the crowd that he was promised written, contractural “guarantees” from the stadium crew (presumably DGR,LLC.Bryan Foundation) that certain construction contracts – especially masonry jobs - would be awarded to minority contractors.  I guess that Williams and Bowden translate the guarantees to mean black contractors and not Hispanic or female.

I have never accused the pro-stadium guys of being ignorant of the political process, but I have accused them of extreme arrogance.  However, they may have hit a home run by mobilizing the Black electorate against the referendum in exchange for jobs… or more accurately the promise of jobs.

This pretty much confirms my information that the powerful Simkins PAC is going to recommend voting against the referendum at the upcoming primary but they are going to hold their City Council picks until after the primary.  I do question if they are a registered “Referendum PAC” and will call the Board of Elections to find out, but they usually know and play by all of the rules.

Many elections and referendums hinge on the Simkins PAC endorsement… we will see what effect it will have on the baseball stadium question.

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