It was a cable-free weekend.  Time Warner finally decided to come out this morning and fix my links to the outside world.

Being incommunicado from both the web and TV afforded me and my brood some “roughin’ it” time much like last winter’s ice storms when we were without power and cable for 6 days.  I took care of some important business.

  • Finally fixed the flat tires on Jesse and Josie’s bikes
  • Cleaned up hurricane related debris
  • Watched the season premier of West Wing that Jinni taped on Wednesday
  • Put out a bunch more yard signs.
  • Went to the ZoneFest concert @ War Memorial Saturday- Loved Hootie and Uncle Cracker
  • Went back to War Memorial yesterday for “Music in the Park” series and garnered 12 votes (only need 18 more to win)
  • Filled out my pre-primary financial filing reports that are due today.
  • Filled out and submitted the League of Women Voters endorsement questionaire.
  • Fixed another flat tire on Jesse’s bike and watched him practice his “jumps”… he is as much a daredevil as his older brother Jack.

I just got back from taping the baseball issue show for Clear Channel, I will post the listening schedule later.  Had a long talk with Dick Grubar, chair of People for a Positive Greensboro before the show.  Nice guy – his son Grayson and my Jack play roller hockey together, perhaps I will start a write in campaign for him too.

Back to politics…


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