More happy meetings

Update: I had to pick up Jinni, then hurry over to a ‘stop the cannon’ meeting at City Hall (details to come).  My editor was apparently expecting my suggested 3:00p scoop on this wonderful development.  Sorry sports fans, but the N&R’s Nate DeGraff got me on this one.


Wharton hints at some of the many things going on about town in general and here in our ‘hood in particular.  Big things.

He mentioned the fact that there was a meeting yesterday involving the North State Chevy property just north of First Horizon Park.  I was there along with representatives from the most excellent Boulevard Company out of Charlotte, Cooper-Cary, Downtown Greensboro, Inc., and the property owners Jim and Steve Jones.

The Jones brothers are working hard to bring something fine and ambitious to Greensboro and I am impressed.  Not just with their plans for their property, but with them.  They are very serious about bringing together a development that will assure their legacy for generations to come with a community minded approach that Greensboro sorely needs.

Ray Gibbs, of Downtown Greensboro, requested that I keep the details out of my blog until after 3:00p today, at which time the other press will get to see what is up the Jones brother’s sleeve.  Happy to oblige, but I will give you this.

The voters of North Carolina recently passed a law allowing municipalities to issue tax increment financing bonds.  Greensboro will likely be the proving grounds for the implementation of that new statute.  I was a supporter of that measure and The ‘Bellemeade Village’ project will bring focus as to why the statute is an important tool for development.

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