Wiring schmiring

Seems Aycock Middle School principal William Price was running into some budgeting problems getting his circa 1922 school building wired to accommodate the new Science and Technology magnet, that will be in place on the campus next year.  The high cost of trying to string wire through don’t-make-’em-like-they-used-to plaster walls and impenetrable concrete threatened to break his bank.

Yesterday, William was showing me the list of all the wondrous things Aycock will have in store for the little minds of mush who will be attending the school next year.  Included were requisitions for workstations, computerized microscopes, a greenhouse, a campus wetlands area and a ton of new laptops and ‘smart boards’.

Also on the list was a line item for 6 wireless hubs to connect it all together.  William solved the wiring problem for just over $700.00 thereby saving taxpayers untold thousands of dollars.

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