Another last word on Skip Alston’s charges

Update 4:30p: Cone implores, “Skip. Stop. Please.”


It is now reported that Commissioner Skip Alston “stands by his remarks” about racism among Greensboro’s city staff.  (He also renews his charges of racism on the part of the editors and reporters of the N&R, but please, one thing at a time.  And besides, JR is defending his domain well enough.)

Alston’s charges remain unspecified as to exactly who is a racist or what actions constitute a “racist mindset” within the Department of Community Development.  Apparently he just wants us to take it on faith that racism permeates the department.  Skip says it is there, but unseen, except through his “black eyes”.

If true, why won’t he engage another oft-used component of his countenance and help us all understand what he sees.  My white ears are receptive to reasoned, responsible and specific arguments, but I fear none will ever be forthcoming.

I realize that institutional racism is a reality, and it may very well exist within the walls of the Melvin Municipal Building. But, through the non-specified nature of his claims, Commissioner Alston demonstrates he has no interest in actually identifying and fixing the problem. 

If it does indeed reside in city hall, perhaps Skip Alston needs institutional racism to remain unchallenged and intact in order for him to remain relevant.


In Depth Update:  The Inside Scoop has the full transcript of Alston’s remarks before the County Commissioners last night.  Yow, too.

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