Fill in the blank

I just went in to give a second reading to Mark Binker’s transcript of County Commissioner Alston’s comments from last night.

In the second segment of the transcript, right after Alston characterized N&R reporter Matt Williams as being a racist, Binker transcribed what could be a very telling statement by the president of North Carolina’s NAACP.

“See – for the newspaper to say that I make myself irrelevant when I use the race – when I say racism, come on…”

No, you come on.  When you use the race…  what, Mr. Alston?

Finally, the truth?


Update: SouthernRants has more “Even with our disbelief over Skip’s disingenuous comments, no one’s calling him names. We are calling him out of touch and we are starting to demand that he back up his “racism” claims with plain facts.”

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