More noises

As stated in my post yesterday: under a current provision in the draft version of Greensboro’s new noise ordinance, any event noises can be exempted from noise level and event duration restraints if they are:

 Noises made by persons having obtained a permit to use the City streets or property or in conjunction with a City sponsored festival.

I have learned that Grasshopper’s management has spoken to the City about closing the section of Bellemeade St. fronting First Horizon Park in an effort to keep people downtown on game days.  This would help create a ‘block party’ atmosphere before each home game.

That’s actually a pretty good idea in many ways as it would give fans who work downtown something fun to do instead of going home for a couple of hours, then having to drive back to the stadium in an hour or two.  On the other hand, it would seem to work against the promise of increased business for downtown businesses by corralling revelers in the proximity of a single downtown entity before each game.

But, if the language found in the above exemption is adopted as it currently exists in draft form, every time the City issues the ‘Hoppers a permit to use “the City street”, those “person(s) having obtained a permit” (the Grasshoppers organization in this case) would be totally exempt from noise ordinance restrictions.  At least that’s how I read it.

Unless this loophole can be closed, Fisher Park might indeed become cannon fodder.

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