Nail in the Coffin?

As predicted last week, the Simkins PAC (aka Underground Railroad) has come out against the stadium prohibition ordinance according to the News & Record.  Although they are a registered PAC, they have not filed the necessary paperwork to become a Referendum PAC from my information.  They are clearly advocating a position on the referendum which is not in their current PAC perview.  Oh well…

During the last month I have made it clear in my presentations to the Black community that I am seeking the Simkins PAC endorsement for City Council.  Unlike their traditional White at-large pick, Don Vaughn, I live in East Greensboro and I not only empathize with the issues affecting where we live, I and my family are directly affected by City Council votes concerning District 2.

Many private conversations with Black friends and acquaintances has revealed a slipping of influence of the Simkins PAC since Dr. Simkins’ passing.  But with all due political respect to the influential African-American Clergy, the Railroad is still formidable.

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