Nail in the Coffin?

The very entertaining and informed Mr. Sun gives our Mayor Pro-Tempore Yvonne Johnson some well deserved praise over at his site.  Yvonne was going to run for Mayor if Keith Holliday had decided to call it quits but, true to her word, she vowed to not oppose Keith.  This is extraordinary in that in a one-on-one race with her good friend the Mayor - it is widely held that Yvonne would win.  She IS an admirable woman.

Sun also questions my choice of words in my ad placement in last week’s Rhino in his post.

Go Ahead, Steer The Boat just doesn’t have as good a ring to it but his point is well taken.

Click here for larger image

This same 1/4 page ad will run again in this week’s Rhino ($510.00), the Carolina Peacemaker ($315.00) and Earl Jones’ Greensboro Times ($175.00).  As of yesterday’s pre-primary financial reporting date my receipts are $6645.00, expenditures are $5270.00.  This is going to get even more expensive after the primary (he said confidently).  Donations anyone?

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