A little mud slinging

Some poster named “Jim” is throwing around some pretty awful accusations regarding me in the comments section over at Ed Cone’s weblog.  I have invited him to air his accusations here instead of there.

Ed opened the discussion by quoting Tara Sue Grubb’s tirade against the Rhino Times.  I was commenting on her efforts to be taken seriously as a mayorial candidate… and off Jim went… 

His latest:  I am not looking for “average” in my leadership…Im looking for exceptional. My concern with you as a council member would be that you would cast judgement and your vote on the budget….without looking past what was visable on the opening page. You and your buddies are just trying to capitilize on low voter turn out. Playing the divide and conquer numbers game by trying to dupe and direct the “average” voters with deceit on your front page and nothing in the bank.

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