Red Letter Day

How time flies when you’re getting cured.  Ever since Jinni’s first chemo session back in the first week of December, we have been looking forward to getting shed of her bi-weekly treatments; today, thankfully, is her last one.

We have all heard horror stories about how terrible such an intense course of treatments can be.  While I’ll not say the last eighteen weeks have been easy on my girl, she has tolerated everything very well.  I am convinced that a person’s attitude toward facing adversity determines much of the outcome of their struggle.  Those of you who know my bride will attest to her positive outlook and sunny disposition and that has made all the difference.

When the kids were very small we adopted a strict rule around the Hoggard estate:  No whining.  Jinni has exemplified this rule throughout her ordeal.  (I, on the other hand, have slipped a little on this count)


The fourth installment of Jinni’s Journal has been sent to the N&R for publication sometime within the next couple of weeks.


Her surgery to remove the now-reduced breast tumor and the lymph nodes under her left arm is schedule for April 22nd.  The intervening month sans chemo is set aside to give her body time to recover before the surgeon does his thing. 

After that we will start on the new path of radiation therapy.  They have scheduled her for seven weeks of daily treatments to be absolutely sure the cancer is dead and gone.  Long journey but good ridance.

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